‘Fatherless’ children of Gor Mahia: Inside the unkept promises and broken hearts

Beginning 2009, Kenya’s most successful club-Gor Mahia saw a surge in its support with multiple online groups surfacing and female supporters forming groups.

Among groups that dominated discussions were Kogallo Divas, Kogallo Queens and many others.

These groups later became fertile grounds for casual sex and promiscuity and died a natural death after several members were impregnated with the men responsible vanishing into the thin air.

Vera (not her real name) was a member of Kogalo divas featuring trendy and techno-savvy beauties that took the club by storm.

A few months down the line, she was caught up in a web of deceit, casual sex, promiscuity and infidelity and found out that she was pregnant.
Further complicating issues was that she had been romantically involved with 3 men and was not sure who among them was responsible.

She approached all the 3 men separately and each promised to take responsibility. However, this did not come to pass as they all started avoiding her during Gor Mahia matches and eventually stopped picking her calls altogether.

She later came to know that the men had learnt that she had been involved with multiple men and were unwilling to take responsibility as none was sure of the paternity of the baby.

She reviewed the history of her involvement with the 3 men and believes she is sure who among them is responsible but has been left to her own devices to provide for her son and raise him up without a father (at least for now).

Another victim is Tasha (not her real name) who looks back at her life with a lot of regrets. The young mother blames her troubles on her support for the club.

Tasha began attending the club’s matches in 2012 after finishing High School. With the new-found freedom and eager to explore, she easily found her way into a cycle of fans where alcohol, fun and adventure flowed freely.

A few months down the line, she fell victim to the charms of one of the men keen on taking advantage of the numerous beauties who placed her in the family way.

Upon realizing that she was pregnant, Tasha decided to move in with the man as she was afraid of how her parents who had high hopes in her would react.

However, living with the man was characterized by many disagreements that eventually prompted her to move out and join a former school mate.

Her investigations revealed that the man who had put her in the family way had been involved with at least 4 more ladies within the circle of Gor Mahia supporters.

Her daughter is a constant reminder of the missed opportunities and the experience that completely altered her life in a way that she is yet to recover.

The experiences of the two ladies are similar to many others who have been left to their own devices to provide for their children with the men responsible missing in action.

The near fanatical support for the club ended in tears for many, with broken hearts and broken relationships.

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