Drama as DP Ruto clashes with CS Munya in Uhuru’s home turf

Peter Munya with DP Ruto

Drama ensued in Gatundu today, 09 Feb 2021 with Deputy President William Ruto clashing with Agriculture CS Peter Munya during a burial ceremony in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s backyard of Kiambu County.

DP Ruto set the stage for the clash with a fiery speech in which he slammed Mt. Kenya leaders, urging them to desist from tying down President Kenyatta with regional politics.

The second in command maintained that the head of state is a leader for the entire country who he campaigned for and should not be reduced to a tribal or regional kingpin.

“The president is a leader of the whole country. I beg you as citizens and leaders of Mt Kenya, do not take the president away from us.

“If you say the president is the leader of Mt Kenya, who will be the president of the rest of the country. We voted for him and we love him,” stated the DP.

DP Ruto takes wheelbarrow politics to a whole new level
DP Ruto takes wheelbarrow politics to a whole new level

Munya who delivered the President’s condolence message took the DP head-on, telling him off.

“We have never claimed the President serves Mt Kenya Region alone. The President is the leader of the whole country. Just the way he carries development projects across the country, he also develops Mt Kenya region” Munya stated.

A section of the crowd who walked off as the CS was delivering his speech during the funeral of the late mother to Thika Town MP Patrick Kimani Wainaina.

“With a lot of respect to everybody here including the DP, this is a very solemn occasion where we are giving the last respects to one of our friends. I was sent by the President who has a right to choose who he assigns whatever functions he wishes,” stated Munya.

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