DP Ruto over the moon as Joe Biden agrees with his strategy and Hustler Fever goes international

Inside DP Ruto's new plan to outsmart the system and bear Raila, Mudavadi and Kalonzo

Deputy President William Ruto took to social media in celebration, sharing his key campaign strategy that has resonated well with US President Joe Biden as the hustler fever continues to spread across the world shortly after Tanzania joined in.

Taking to social media, Ruto shared a video in which Joe Biden drummed support for a bottom-up and middle-out approach that he believes is the key to economic empowerment among hustlers.

In the video, Biden agreed with Ruto’s approach, noting that the trickle-down approach preferred by his predecessors had failed to achieve the intended goal.

“The theory was, we’ve all heard it, especially the last 15 years, cut taxes and those at the top and the benefits they got will trickle down.

“We’ve seen time and time again that trickle-down does not work… All it has done is make those that the top richer in the past and everyone else has fallen behind.

“This time, it’s time we build an economy that grows from the bottom up and the middle out,” Biden said.


Ruto’s hustler narrative has been gaining momentum, making headlines locally as well as regionally with the message crossing over to Tanzania.

None other than the DP Himself took to social media to share the video of lawmakers referencing his Hustler message in their debates.

In the video, an MP was captured putting a strong case for the hustler movement which he opined has become a force to reckon with even as he encouraged Tanzanians to follow cue.

“Across the border in neighbouring country (Kenya), there’s an element of hustling that is sweeping over, leaving no one behind. Those in formal employment as well as those in informal employment are all working to have a side hustle. It has become part of their daily lives unlike in Tanzania.

“Locally (in Tanzania), most people only see buying land as an investment and nothing beyond that. The worst part is that they do not do anything with the land, they just leave it bare and even those who go to school come out with the mentality of job seekers rather than job creators,” the MP noted in the viral clip.

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