The only people who will have access to Raila as he takes a 30-days break from the public

Raila Odinga

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga will keep off public engagements for at least one month with only a select few allowed to access him for the next one month.

The ODM party leader who was discharged from hospital on Sunday, 14 March 2021 has retreated to his Karen home where he will continue with his recovery after he was diagnosed with Covid-19 and hospitalized for a few days.

Doctors recommended that he should take some rest with sources familiar with the details revealed that the opposition chief will be

During this time, only his close aides and family members will be granted access to the AU special envoy for infrastructure.

Tests will also be conducted by a team of doctors monitoring his health while also putting the opposition chief under medication to ensure his full and complete recovery under the home-based care program.

Odinga will be taking a break amid reports of powerful state officials keen on scuttling the handshake and his 2022 bid emerging.

In particular, Interior PS Dr. Karanja Kibicho has been fingered by BBI secretariat co-chair Junet Mohamed with ODM reportedly keen on having him removed from major engagements relating to the BBI.

The diagnosis came shortly after Odinga completed a grueling tour of Western and Coast regions to popularize the BBI report and thank county assemblies for voting overwhelmingly to support the document.

His sabbatical comes at a time when political temperatures that had been soaring high have been cooled off by the recent ban on political rallies announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

The directive has since seen Deputy President William Ruto significantly scale down his political activities across the country.

File image of Raila Odinga in hospital
File image of Raila Odinga in hospital

Odinga updated Kenyans on his health shortly after he was discharged from hospital on Sunday morning.

Taking to social media, the former Prime Minister shared a video of himself engaging in light physical exercise while catching up with her daughter Winnie Odinga.

“I’m feeling wonderful. It’s so nice to be back home, I was in a prison back there. Even though I’m still in isolation, I can now see the beautiful outdoors and nature,” Raila stated in the video.

Leaders from across the political divide joined Kenyans in celebrating the milestone in Odinga’s recovery with messages wishing him good health flooding social media.

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