Inside Socialite Shakillah’s World of Lies, Drama and Scandals roping in Eric Omondi and Willy Paul

Controversial socialite Shakillah

Over the last few months, one socialite surfaced, taking the media by storm and weaving her way to stardom in a series of well-crafted lies, drama, controversy and parading explicit photos.

As the media cheered on, keeping her fans engrossed, Shakillah teamed up with well-established names in Kenya’s entertainment industry who were equally facing challenges of their own as their profiles took a dip. delved into her world of lies in the report below.

Pregnant for Erick Omondi

In December last year, the attention-seeking socialite shocked many after sharing a medical report in which she claimed that she was pregnant for comedian Eric Omondi.

Posing with Eric Omondi while being attended to by two females donning doctor’s attire in what appeared to be a medical facility, Shakillah and Eric Omondi took their fans for a ride.  

As expected, the media fell for her lies and ran with the story, growing her profile as Shakillah sat back to see the results of her lies and with Eric Omondi riding on the controversy to popularize his wife material show.

More than three months down the line, there is no sign of a growing baby-bump and Shakillah is yet to come clean on what happened to her “pregnancy”.

Charging Ksh 700,000 for sex and roping in Victor Wanyama

This scandal marked the birth of Shakillah as a socialite.

In a viral interview, Shakillah went name-dropping, listuing several celebrities who she claimed she had been romantically involved with.

Victor Wanyama gives update on law suit against socialite Shakilah
Victor Wanyama gives update on law suit against socialite Shakilah

Among those she listed was the Canadian based Montreal Impact midfielder Wanyama who she alleged paid her Ksh. 700,000 for a nightstand, a thing that did not go down so well with the footballer to pressing charges.

As her lies caught up with her with Wanyama moving to court, the socialite offered an apology to the footballer, admitting that she had lied and blaming it on Alcohol.

“My name is Shakillah and I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Victor Wanyama and say sorry for all the horrible things that I said about him. I have never met Victor neither has he paid nor had sex with me. I was drunk at the time and foolishly excited to be on Xtian Dela’s show. I apologize to his family,” said Shakillah in the video.

But by this time, she had already earned the clout, the publicity and the following that she desired.

Beef with Mejja

Cheered by the media and hungry for fame, she next set her eyes on Genge superstar, Mejja to gain some clout.

“Can someone tell Mejja it is not a must for him to feature in every song? The Nairobi song was good until his part. He looks like a low budget Amin Dada. His three seconds were so unnecessary. His part should be deleted and the song to be re-uploaded before it is too late,” fired Shakilla, desperately trying to attract the attention of the King of Collabos and one of Kenya’s finest.

In show of class and grace, Mejja tactfully handled her desperate publicity stunt with a response that silenced her.

“First of all, have nothing to say to her. I am not happy with the way people are normalizing abnormality. And I will not be the one to reward abnormality. I think it is high time Kenyans should be aware of this. There is a girl who does not expose her nudity, she is well educated you get? She is hustling and has not gotten a job for a year. But there is this one who is using remotes and doing the most and she is given a job and money. You are teaching the lady with principles that it is okay to be abnormal because I am decent and I respect myself but I am not winning. And that is why I will not reward abnormality. Big up to those girls who respect themselves. ” Mejja said.

Raiding Willy Paul’s home

On 13 October 2020, Shakillah was at it again, taking to social media to update her fans that she had been detained after allegedly tress-passing on Willy Paul’s property.

Shakillah and Willy Paul, courtesy

Typically with all he other attention-seeking scandals, nothing came out of this, making many believe that it was simply part of a scheme to grab some attention for herself and the musician whose career took a hit.

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