DP Ruto’s team issue 6 tough demands to Uhuru

DP Ruto's team issue 6 tough demands to Uhuru

Tanga Tanga MPs allied to DP Ruto have issued 6 demands to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration on a day of heated drama that saw police storm a hotel in Lavington where Tanga Tanga MPs had convened.

The lawmakers took the battle to Uhuru’s doorstep in a list of demands.

The demands largely touched on the Covid-19 crisis with the lawmakers attacking the Jubilee administration.

i) The government to offer stipends of at least Ksh3,500 per month household to 4 million households in the country.

ii) Finance a mass testing and vaccination campaign by allocating a minimum of Ksh50 billion from the defense budget and the ministry of interior.

iii) To finance the interest waiver and business loan support to affected businesses, they proposed an incentive tax relief for banks and other financial institutions that would waive such interest to affected businesses in their 2020/21 tax returns coupled with the recently procured IMF loan.

iv) The disbursement of IMF Loan to be directed to the acquisition of vaccines in an open, cartel-free manner.

v) IMF funds be directed to supporting businesses from the bottom of the pyramid in order to achieve the objective of building the economy from the bottom up.

vi) The government to expand the tax base by bringing more people to the taxpaying bracket and also supporting the most vulnerable businesses. 

Dennis Itumbi

Reports indicate that earlier on, Tanga Tanga lawmakers had convened in Lavington to deliver a ‘State of the Nation’ address before police moved in to eject them.

Self-declared hustler nation spokesman Dennis Itumbi lamented the move, alleging that police and relevant authorities had been informed of the meeting.

“The police stopped the press conference by MPs from the Disease Infected Zone (DIZ) initially scheduled to take place at The Social House, Lavington Nairobi.

“MPs and the media were ejected from the hotel. The survival and livelihood issues are a high priority – we will roll out the presser at the roadside,” Itumbi stated.

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