Hilarious reactions as Kenyans take IMF head-on in petition to stop loaning Kenya

Hilarious reactions as Kenyans take IMF head-on in petition to stop loaning Kenya

Kenyans have taken their battle with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to a new level, challenging the institution not to give the government any more loans citing corruption.

Using the hashtag #StopLoaningKenya, netizens put a strong case maintaining that a significant percentage of the loan would en up in the pockets of individuals through corruption.

Kenyans have circulated the online petition link while also giving more reasons why no more lending should occur.
Bobby Bobo:#STOPLOANINGKENYA this loan will be squandered and only a few government officials will benefit as always. We don’t need the loan.

Ivy Mukami:What reform program 🤷🏽‍♀️..this government is a scam that money is going direct to people’s pockets..the common citizen is suffering from high taxation..

Kimutai Alfred: #stoploaningkenya. If you do, be aware you are loaning individuals and not state.I’m just fed up.

Dennis Favour:We are tired of paying loans we did not benefit from. In fact Kenya is not poor. Is a country that is able to give billions of car grants to elected leaders poor? This joke has become too serious. #StopLoaningKenya.

“Inatuchoke😰 inatuaffect🙄 inatufinyaaaaa😠 #stoploaningkenya. Kenyans!!!!” Quipped another.

Trouble started shortly after IMF approved a 257bn Kenyan shillings ($2.4bn;£1.7bn) loan for Kenya to aid in Covid-19 response at a time when the nation is yet to know the truth of the Covid-19 millionaires scandal.

Quoting President Uhuru Kenyatta who confirmed that 2 Billion shillings is lost to corruption on a daily basis, Kenyans maintained that in the next three months, the 257B loaned by IMF will have been stolen, leaving the citizens with a huge loan to pay.

Under the Uhuru Kenyatta administration, public debt has ballooned and so has corruption with several scandals unearthed.

Hilarious reactions as Kenyans take IMF head-on in petition to stop loaning Kenya

Surprisingly, no conviction has been made on all the key scandals like the Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal.

Treasury Secretary Ukur Yattani defended the loan saying it was important for the recovery of the economy that was badly hit by Covid-19 crisis.

The online petition has been signed by thousands of Kenyans in a bid to pile pressure on the international donor.
The wrath was also visible on IMF’s social media accounts where Kenyans literally took over, slamming the institution for supporting corruption by loaning to a corrupt government which by the admission of its very head, losses 2 billion shillings daily to corruption.

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