Activist behind misleading #StopLoaningKenya protest poster that went viral arrested

Edwin Kiama, the activist behind misleading #StopLoaningKenya protest poster that went viral arrested

Police have arrested human rights and political activist Edwin Kiama who was behind a poster that went viral during the #StopLoaningKenya protests in which Kenyans petitioned the International Monetary Fund to recal its Ksh 255 Billion credit facility advanced to Kenya.

Reports reaching our newsdesk indicate that police pounced on Kiama on Tuesday evening for cyber crime related offenses.

The suspect will be arraigned at the Milimani Law Courts today.

Fellow activist Boniface Mwangi confirmed the development. stating that “The police are accusing him of making a public notice asking the world to stop lending money to Kenya”.

Kiama’s troubles began after he took to Twitter asking IMF not to loan money to Kenya.

His post was accompanied with a poster bearing the photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta and stating that he (the President) is not authorized to transact on behalf of the Kenyan residents.

The poster went viral as Kenyans discouraged IMF from loaning the money insisting that it would be lost to corruption.

The President’s own admission that Ksh 2 Billion is lost to corruption ion a daily basis was revisited even as netizens insisted that Kenyans are already overburdened, repaying loans that ended up in the pockets of individuals.

In the wake of the storm that saw more than 200,000 sign a petition to compel IMF to cancel the loan, the body issued a statement setting the record straight on the conditions given to the country.

Boniface Mwangi confirms Edwin Kiama, the activist behind misleading #StopLoaningKenya protest poster that went viral arrested

The Ksh 255 Billion credit will be issued in phases over the next three years with periodic reviews to ensure compliance.
Under IMF terms, Kenya is expected to enforce wealth declaration measures on all State employees as a means of curbing runaway corruption.

“We have noted the vulnerability of the financial sector to the risks posed by laundering of the proceeds of corruption, and we will, therefore, continue to use AML/CFT measures to support anti-corruption efforts.

Kenya committed to “continue to support efforts of the Financial Reporting Centre (FRC) towards encouraging and strengthening the use of financial intelligence to trace proceeds of corruption by sharing relevant financial intelligence with law enforcement agencies.”.

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