Reggae is back! Amos Kimunya makes special announcement on BBI days after Uhuru met Raila

File image of Amos Kimunya and President Uhuru Kenyatta

National Assembly Majority Leader Amos Kimunya has announced the resumption of BBI reggae, noting that parliament will hold a special sitting next week to debate the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

The announcement comes days after President Uhuru Kenyatta met his handshake partner Raila Odinga and quelled rumours that the handshake and the BBI process was on the deathbed.

In his statement, Kimunya said that the national assembly will meet to debate the Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill 2020 in order to allow the IEBC to hold a referendum in June.

I’m expecting that before the end of this week they will have completed a report, and once I have that report, I should convene a special sitting even next week so that we can get rid of it,” Kimunya said.

The Kipipiri lawmaker exuded confidence that despite the disruptions caused by Covid-19, the BBI process will be implemented as earlier scheduled.

Raila and Uhuru at the launch of BBI report

“We have not lost as much time as I have seen alluded to out there. Yes, it would have been desirous for us to finish it before the end of March, but so long as we complete the process within April, we still have the month of May.” he noted.

The Kipipiri lawmaker added: “I see no problem why IEBC cannot call a referendum in May or June. Typically, campaign periods are 21 days before an election, even a referendum.”

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