Why this video of Raila is trending after Kenyans failed to heed his advice

Why this video of Raila is trending after Kenyans failed to heed his advice

A video of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has gone viral four years later as Kenyans come to terms with the reality after failing to heed his advice.

The video shows Raila Odinga lecturing the Jubilee government over its huge appetite for loans and stating that a significant percentage of the same loans would be lost to corruption as he put forward a strong case for Kenyans to vote out the Jubilee administration.

“Jubilee is syndicating Ksh86 billion to international bank loans, not for development but to curb the holes that their looting has created,” Raila stated.

“Kenya has finally made it to the corruption super league, where we are playing with long-tested giants who are destined for collapse. Remember gimmicks never last, Kenya is at a breaking point due to this issue, ” Raila had stated.

However, Kenyans failed to heed his advise and voted in the Jubilee administration and the hour of reckoning has now arrived with the same people now blaming Odinga for his silence in the wake of runaway corruption, high cost of living and a ballooning public debt.

One user noted that “The same Raila who was questioning huge borrowing has now joined the borrowers… Was he questioning borrowing because he was concerned about the impact on mwananchi or because his pockets were not attended to?” 


“Those who opposed the loans are now experts on why we need loans”. Quipped yet another.

Others noted that Odinga blew up his chances of succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022 when he teamed up with the head of State through the handshake and became silent.

“Had Baba remained steadfast in his fight for social equality, corruption, etc 2022 would be his for taking,” read a section of the comments online.

Kenyans took to the social media pages of the International Monetary Fund earlier this week to express their anger after the nation secured a loan of Ksh 255 Billion.

Many opined that the amount would be looted and backed up their claims with the president’s own admission that the country looses sh2 Billion to corruption on a daily basis.

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