Family speaks on what pushed Matiang’i’s bodyguard to murder his wife as new details emerge on troubled marriage

Hudson Wakise and Pauline Wakise

New details have emerged on the shocking murder-suicide incident in which Hudson Wakise shot his wife Pauline Wakise eight times, killing her instantly before taking his own life.

Pauline is reported to have moved out of their matrimonial home days earlier, citing marital problems and accusing her husband of infidelity.

“There were accusations of infidelity that prompted Pauline to shift from the GSU staff quarters. This appears to have infuriated the husband,” a source said.

On the fateful day (Tuesday 06 April 2021) Constable Hadson Wakise, left Harambee House for his Ruaraka residence armed with a pistol and 30 rounds of ammunition.

His wife, Constable Pauline Wakasa is also reported to have left Kilimani Police Station in the company of colleagues who offered to drop her.

Her colleagues described her last journey home as “unusual” as she never uttered a word.

Fiends and relatives said that the union which was officiated on February 14, 2015 appeared a happy one, but underneath the veil of happiness lay deep seated marital problems that saw the couple have an on-and-off relationship that ended in their tragic deaths.

K24 quoted a family member stating that “We had already asked her to leave the man and live by herself because it was not the first time they were having issues”.

Recounting the events of the day, the woman’s brother George Mulongo stated that Pauline arrived home and was served supper by the househelp.

Minutes later, Wakise came in and talked to his wife before the conversation degenerated into an argument in which they exchanged bitter words with the wife accusing him of infidelity.

Hudson Wakise and Pauline Wakise

“He walked out and returned shortly afterwards to the sitting room. He then drew his pistol and shot the wife several times before shooting himself on the chin,” Mulongo told detectives.

According to detectives, the casualties could have been more had the house-help not made the right decision to take the couple’s children aged 5 and 2 out of the house as the disagreement took a nasty turn.

Police reports indicate that “The officer fired several rounds into the wife’s chest, killing her on the spot. He then shot himself on the chin. They both died instantly”.

In the wake of the deaths, both the Interior Ministry and the National Police Service (NPS) headquarters noted that they were “deeply pained by the tragic incident” that ended the brilliant futures of the young officers.

“It’s a rude awakening to psychosocial challenges amongst some of our young officers that we have no choice but to now pay greater attention to,” Matiang’i said.

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