Latest Jobs in Kenya: Country Director – Sense International Kenya-Sense International

Reports to: Director of Sense International

Location: Nairobi with domestic, and occasionally, regional and international travel.

Responsible for: Managing the Sense International Kenya team.

Line reports: Programme Manager, Programme Funding Manager, Finance and Administration Manager.

Salary Scale: A location-appropriate package commensurate with experience will be negotiated with the right person.

Hours: 37.5 hours a week


Sense International Kenya is a registered NGO in Kenya and part of Sense International, a UK registered Non-Government global organization that supports people with deafblindness and multi-sensory impairments across a range of, often resource poor, countries including; India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Peru, Nepal and Romania. Sense International Kenya are implementing several projects in the areas of Sensory Screening and Early Intervention, Inclusive Education and Improving Livelihoods for people with deafblindness and other complex disabilities in Kenya.

Purpose of the Role

The Country Director is responsible for delivering Sense International Kenya’s mandate in line with its vision, mission, values and established policies. The Country Director provides leadership to the organization, reviewing and implementing the agreed country strategy, and is accountable for all functions of Sense International Kenya. The position works with the Director of Sense International in developing the strategic direction for the work in Kenya working closely with the Board of Sense International Kenya and Sense International UK. The Director is responsible for managing overall planning, programme quality, advocacy, human and financial resources, safeguarding, communications, resource mobilisation, partnerships and alliances, monitoring and evaluation, compliance and accountability.

Key Responsibilities

Reviewing and developing the strategic direction in conjunction with the Director of Sense International and providing support for Governance.

Leadership and oversight of:

A. Programmes, including capacity building with partner organisations

B. Financial management and reporting

C. Grant / Contract management

D. Resource mobilisation, partnerships and alliances

E. Advocacy, representation and communications

F. Human resource management

G. Safeguarding

H. Accountability, compliance and learning

1) Leadership and governance support

  • Provide leadership, shaping organisational strategic direction in collaboration with the Board of Sense International Kenya.
  • Support good governance of the organisation by supporting the Board of Sense International Kenya, including support and reporting to Board meetings and AGMs.
  • Provide strategic guidance and professional advice for senior management and their teams.
  • Ensure programmes in Kenya are delivered and aligned with Sense International’s global strategic framework and Kenya’s priority areas.
  • Harness opportunities to further Sense International’s vision and mission.

2) Programme oversight

  • Provide overall leadership to the team on programme implementation.
  • Align the team to the strategic objectives by setting and managing annual work plans and budgets.
  • Ensure that Sense International Kenya has agreements in place with the Government of Kenya to achieve its goals.

With the Programme Manager:

  • Ensure a high level of project quality and accountability.
  • Ensure effective programme planning and implementation, as well as seeking out opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Ensure monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems are in place to facilitate reporting, learning, accountability and quality assurance.
  • Oversee production of timely and accurate reports which document progress and how challenges were overcome.

· Supervise contracting and oversight of consultants for specialist work such as provision of technical assistance on deafblindness, evaluations, quality assurance, research and scoping of innovation.

  • Oversee the building of the capacity of partner organisations to deliver high quality services for people with deafblindness and multi-sensory impairments.
  • Oversee high quality research and collection of evidence.

3) Financial Management and Reporting

  • Ensure strong budgeting, disbursement, reporting and forecasting.
  • Ensure financial risks are managed working with the Finance and Administration Manager and Sense International UK Finance team e.g. on tax compliance, accounting balances, procurement and exchange rate fluctuations, etc.**


  • Development of annual and multi-year plans and budgets; monitoring of implementation, and production of quality and timely programme and financial reports to share with Sense International UK, donors and others.
  • Adherence to established financial systems and procedures (e.g. ensure adherence to policies covering prevention of fraud, transparent procurement and contracting), proposing improvements where feasible.
  • Monitoring and control of expenditure, and proposal of revised forecasts and budgets, for specific programmes and for Sense International Kenya overall.
  • Review of partner organisations’ financial management capacity and the under-taking of due diligence assessments.

4) Grant / Contract Management

  • Ensure that effective grant management systems are in place which deliver compliance with grant conditions.
  • Ensure submission of accurate and timely reports complying with grant agreements.
  • Oversee effective monitoring systems and end of project evaluations, sharing learning across the team and organisation.

5) Resource mobilization, partnerships and alliances

  • Overall responsibility for annual ‘in-country’ fundraising targets.

With the Programme Funding Manager:

  • Work collaboratively to develop creative fundraising activities to increase and diversity funding and deepen relationships with donors and supporters. Ensure maximum core cost recovery and raising of unrestricted funds.
  • Look out for new funding opportunities and coordinate the development of high-quality funding proposals and responses to calls for proposals.
  • Facilitate donor visits, donor meetings, round table discussions and evaluations.
  • Collaboratively develop innovative concepts for new funding.
  • Develop alliances with a view to collaboration on joint funding proposals and consortium bids.
  • Partner with other organisations for mutual benefit e.g. to mainstream disability.

6) Advocacy, representation and communications

  • Represent Sense International Kenya on technical working groups, at conferences, workshops and committees to promote deafblindness and the work of Sense International Kenya at the Government and sector level.
  • Build strong professional relationships with key stakeholders championing the course of persons with deafblindness and multi-sensory impairments.
  • Keep the advocacy strategy up to date and advocate for legislative, policy and other change.
  • Raise awareness of deafblindness among Government, (I)NGOs, parents, professionals, and associations.
  • Build the capacity of Government and NGOs to include people with deafblindness and multi-sensory impairments in mainstream programmes and foster the development of networks of parents, people with deafblindness, and professionals.
  • Lobby government, both on behalf of Sense International Kenya, it’s programmes and target group and as part of wider initiatives on disability with other organisations, to ensure that deafblindness is on the national and local agenda.
  • Build Sense International Kenya’s brand recognition through strategic partnerships, media exposure, and leadership in the disability sector. Safeguard Sense International’s brand and reputation.
  • Actively promote the work of Sense International through appropriate media.
  • Co-ordinate collection and curation of case-studies, photos and videos showcasing Sense International Kenya’s work, ensuring proper management of assets and permissions. Ensure provision of case-studies for Sense International publications and presentations.

7) Human Resource Management

  • Oversee performance management and ongoing capacity building and professional development for the Sense International Kenya staff team.
  • Lead the recruitment of in-country staff, in consultation with Sense International’s Senior Programme Manager for East Africa.
  • Ensure management of staff in line with the HR Manual for East Africa and ensuring compliance with Kenyan legislation. Ensure annual reviews are conducted and recorded, management of annual leave and sickness.
  • Keep an overview of staff salaries and other benefits.

8) Safeguarding

· Ensure Sense International Kenya maintains excellent, up-to-date, compliant safeguarding systems and processes.

· Ensure all stakeholders are aware of the importance of strong safeguarding and know what they need to do, based on regular and appropriate training, incorporation of safeguarding in contracts, including safeguarding in team and board meetings etc.

· Oversee reporting of cases, case management, reporting of any Significant Incidents in line with Sense International’s safeguarding policy.

· Liaise with the Safeguarding Focal Point as appropriate.

9) Accountability, compliance and learning

  • Accountable for the effective and efficient running of Sense International Kenya overall, and for ensuring transparency and compliance with organisational policies at all levels.
  • Ensure all of Sense International’s policies are adhered to and regularly reviewed e.g. data protection, anti-fraud policies.
  • Ensure strong implementation of Sense International’s Safeguarding policies ensuring staff are trained and partner organisations have suitable policies and training in place.
  • Ensure compliance with all legal, financial and tax requirements of the Kenyan government.
  • With the Programme Funding Manager, ensure International Aid Transparency Initiative postings are kept up to date.
  • Keep the risk register up to date and manage and mitigate risks.
  • Share learning across the Sense International family and contribute to learning by piloting new initiatives.
  • Contribute to annual Regional Directors’ weeks, webinars, and innovations.
  • Ensure learning from reviews and evaluations is shared and embedded in future work.

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How to apply

Deadline for applications is Tuesday 27 April 2021 17:00 hours.

Interested candidates please submit the following documents to

· A written application letter (no more than 1 page) – clearly outlining your suitability for this position.

· A Curriculum Vitae of no more than 3 pages

· In your application letter, please indicate your expected gross salary/month and other expected benefits.

Only shortlisted candidates for interview shall be contacted. Interviews will take place on May 12th 2021.

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