Video of Uhuru complaining to his family about his job surfaces [Video]

File image of President Uhuru Kenyatta at a past event

A video has surfaced of President Uhuru Kenyatta complaining about his job at a family event.

The video which was was taken in December 202 as the head of State attended the private funeral of one of his nieces Yvonne Muthoni shows the president describing the misgivings that come with the highest office in the land.

The head of state admits that serving in his current position has robbed him an opportunity to engage in things he would enjoy earlier on such as going on holiday with his fallen niece together, his children – adding that he no longer had the opportunity after he became a politician – a career he described as “useless”.

“The most telling moment was when this unfortunate incident happened and how it touched in a very intense way every single one of our 5 remaining siblings.

“The love they had for each other, the care, the wonderful times that we shared as a family. Many many holidays we spent together before I got into this useless world of politics,” the head of state stated as the crowd laughed.

The deceased was the daughter to First Lady Margaret Kenyatta’s sister, Gabriela Gakuo.

Below is the video.

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