Mike Sonko lights up social media with video of himself working at a construction site (Video)

Mike Sonko

A video of former Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko engaging in casual labour at a construction site, popularly known as mjengo has gone viral, attracting wild reactions.

The county boss who was impeached last year followed by a series of court cases has been flying under the radar and enjoying life outside politics.

Taking to social media, Sonko shared the video captioned “Life after politics is stress-free”.

The flamboyant businessman is seen scooping sand using a shovel and loading it onto wheelbarrow as other workers watch enjoying his company and singing work songs.

Sonko is also seen stepping in and using his hands to assist the fundis, a clear contrast to what many wealthy Kenyans would do.

Kenyans took to social media to comment on the video with many lauding Sonko for helping out and hailing him as a hands-on and street-smart politician who can survive under any concerns.

“It is very important. You can imagine someone does what you are doing as his job which they don’t even get every day because of bad economics,” Jay Eel tweeted. 

” Is it an offense for him to do mjengo? I don’t see any problem with that. You should accept life the way it comes,” Sabina Ramoya questioned. 

Critics held that the flamboyant politician was only doing that for the camera to win the support of his fans online and fooling Kenyans as his wealth is known.

” And many people will fall for that and even believe that he is a sufferer like them!” Arafat Guzman noted.

“Negative attitude. He is not one of them but that day they were motivated. They must have been paid more. We might not be at the same level but we must accept inequality,” Koskei Satia wrote. 

Below is the video.

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