Muthoni Mukiri opens up on why she rejected job offers after quitting Inooro TV, reveals when she will make a come-back to the screens

File image of Muthoni Mukiri at Inooro TV studios

Former Inooro TV news anchor Muthoni Mukiri has opened up on rejecting several job offers which she received after announced her resignation.

Addressing her fans in her You  Tube channel, the diva made it clear that her personal projects have been occupying much of her time hence she cannot find the time for TV and the mainstream media hence her decision to quit.

“I have received a lot of calls to continue what I was doing in other media houses but I’m not ready yet, I’m still taking some time to myself,” stated Mukiri

“I’m taking some time off to work on very personal projects that I feel I cannot do when I’m in mainstream media because they require a lot of privacy,” she added.

Mukiri has been a champion for mental and emotional health projects that have featured prominently on her channel.

She also ventured into business with the launch of her hairline business known as Mukiri Hair Hub which retails premium wigs and human hair.

Having splashed her savings to see the business grow, the diva uses her strong social media presence and celebrity status to promote the venture.

Muthoni Mukiri

She also stated that she has gone back to school to study psychology which has been a passion for her.

Her resignation from the Roya Media Services-owned TV station at the height of her career caught many by surprise as she had already earned her place in the media.

Her eloquence, diction and good command of the Kikuyu language made her a household name and earned her many followers on social as well as mainstream media.

She assured her fans that she would make a come back to TV at the right time once her current projects are stable.

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