Raila’s tough options as Uhuru’s handlers outline condition for supporting his alliance with DP Ruto

Raila Odinga

The race to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta is heating up with ODM party leader Raila Odinga spoilt for choices and with multiple options to either outsmart DP Ruto who has emerged as a front runner or team up with him to beat competition.

Political analyst Martin Andati, opined that Raila and Ruto alliance is not a guarantee of victory as they may not get the minimum required number of votes come 2022 elections.

“If they agreed, both of them cannot get the numbers. The two leaders would struggle to get 5 million votes come 2022 elections,” Andati said.

The best bet for the ODM party leader would be teaming up with his NASA principals who have currently decamped to One Kenya Alliance.

“His play would be to negotiate with One Kenya Alliance using his confidant Siaya Senator James Orengo. If he succeeds, then Raila can call the shots,” he noted.

Uhuru and Raila

Political analyst Jane Thuo however had a different opinion, stating that it would be of great benefit if Odinga would stick with one political formation instead of gambling and fumbling about, unsure of what side to take.

“If he sticks with either Uhuru or Ruto, he can survive in the political arena but if he’s dillydallying between the two, he will lose credibility among Kenyans. Gone are the days when he was full of vigour so his best option would be to stick with one choice,” Thuo said.

“Right now the Kenyan politics is very fluid, an unlikely candidate might clinch the Presidential seat,” she stated.

The Ruto-Raila alliance has ruffled political feathers from both sides of the political divide with reports indicating that State House is also interested in the same.

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