Lawmakers injured in ugly fight

MCAs fight in the Nyamira County Assembly on April 13, 2021

Several lawmakers were left nursing injuries after an ugly fight broke out at the Nyamira County Assembly on Tuesday.
The chaos saw MCAs punching each other as they angled to control key committees in what is becoming a familiar yet worrying trend in County Assemblies across the nation.

Perhaps aware of what they were planning, the lawmakers went to the house armed with whistles and these came in handy during the afternoon session when chaos broke out.

A section of disgruntled lawmakers claimed that the House leadership was biased and had failed to execute its mandate properly and cfalled for a reconstitution of the same afresh.

Also at the center of the disagreement was the delay in approving the nominee for the environment executive post, leading to a disagreement which saw the session adjourned.

County Assembly Speaker Mr. Moffat Teya assured the press that the issues raised are minor ones that will be addressed and dismissed claims that the assembly is deeply divided to a point of paralyzing operations.

“There are no divisions in the assembly … it is all about interests, which is very normal. I believe they will come to a consensus … that is why I let them argue,” the Speaker said.

“What is happening at the assembly is wrong. The House leadership should bring order,” said Ms Atuya.

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