Akothee’s Daughter Rue Baby’s No Bra Photos causes a storm

Rue Baby

Award-winning musician Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby caused a stir on social media after sharing steamy no-bra photos that sent tongues wagging.

In the photos which saw a section of netizens accuse her of exposing too much of her body parts, the diva who is walking in her mother’s footsteps gave her fans a rare glimpse of what she is made of literally.

Akothee’s Daughter Rue Baby’s No Bra Photos causes a storm

Rue is not new to controversy. On several occasions, Rue has led herself in the footsteps of her mother by photographing herself half-nude.

Akothee’s Daughter Rue Baby’s No Bra Photos causes a storm

The celebrity Akothee family is known for being bold and real, speaking their minds as it is with advice that some would find controversial yet very practical in the current world.

Rue Baby was recently advised by her mother on matters relationships with the hitmaker opining that her daughter should essentially “chase money, not chase love” .

‘Marry if It’s Possible And Don’t End up Like Your Mother’ is yet another advice that Akothee gave her daughter Vesha on her birthday.

Below is the list of what Akothee shared with Vesha on her birthday.

1. Do whatever it takes to be the person you have always wished to be;
2. Take charge of your life for you are the pilot of your plane;
3. The world is full of opportunities, only those who are hungry can see them. You better be hungry to leave your comfort zone and do what it takes to be great;
4. People’s opinions about you should never be your reality. You should be the last person with an opinion about yourself;
5. Turn your dreams into reality, it only takes discipline to achieve your goals  differentiate your mini-goals from big goals, start with the small ones like spreading your bed, your hygiene, and physical appearance;
6. Do what you want with yourself without feeling sorry for what people think of you, as long as you are not a nuisance to the public;
7. Dress the way you want;
8. Friends, be careful! Be careful! Be careful! Your tea will be served soon, know what to share and what not;

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