Faith Mumo, The Top 2020 KCPE Candidate Speaks

Faith Mumo, Courtesy-Twitter

Faith Mumo who emerged best in the 2020 KCPE examinations, scoring 433 marks has opened up for the first time since the results were released earlier today by Education CS George Magoha.

An elated Mumo attributed her outstanding performance to her trust in God, hard work and persistence.

Speaking to the press in a phone interview, on Thursday, April 15, Mumo shared that she continued to revise diligently at home when the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted learning across all schools.

“I’m very excited and I must say that I did not expect that something like this would happen. I have been revising and my father has been encouraging me to get 460 marks and above,” Mumo said.

Mumo whose dream is to pursue medicine and specialize as a neurosurgeon shared that she hopes to join Kenya High.

“A lot of people are having head damages and it is very hard to see that,” she added.

The elated top-performer urged her colleagues not to give up based on their performance in KCPE but to focus on the positive and build a future from there.

“Don’t think that because you did not perform well, you will not amount to something in future. Keep praying to God that He will offload that burden,” she said.

Her father, Mr. Paul Mumo divulged that they had high hopes in their daughter and were hoping for 450 marks, but topping the country was the best news.

“We were expecting her to get 450 marks and above but that does not matter because when we saw that she had scored 433 marks, we knew that the exam was a bit difficult,” he said.

Mumo was followed by Wesonga Yuvet Nanzala and Murithii Angel Gakenia who tied with 432 marks at number 2.

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