Police foil suspected terror plot, arrest 2 suspects with advanced weapons with

An M4 carbine rifle recovered in Dagretti, Nairobi on April 14, 2021

Police have arrested two women who were found in the possession of advanced weapons in Nairobi on 14 April 2021.
Among the cache recovered from the two suspects who are in police custody is an assortment of highly advanced guns and weapons.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation revealed that some of the arms recovered include an M4 sniper rifle with the ability to aim a target half a kilometre away.

The United States Armed Forces extensively uses the M4 as the primary infantry weapon.

Four pistols and a close-quarter Uzi automatic submachine gun, capable of firing over 600 bullets per minute were also recovered from the women whose mission remains unknown with detectives investigating the matter.

An M4 carbine rifle recovered in Dagretti, Nairobi on April 14, 2021

Combined with 3,700 bullets that were recovered from the suspects, DCI detectives believe the weapons were sneaked into the country for terror-related activities and are holding the suspects.

“Detectives are currently holding the suspects for further interrogation, as a ballistic examination of the cache continues,” the DCI said.

The pair that holds dual; citizenship was arrested in Nairobi’s Dagoretti area.

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