6 Highlights of Philip Murgor’s Chief Justice Interviews and Clash DCJ Philomena Mwilu

DCJ Mwilu and Philip Murgor

Senior Counsel Philip Murgor caused a stir on Friday, April 16 when he appeared before the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to be interviewed for the position of Chief Justice that fell vacant following Justice David Maraga’s retirement.

His responses together with questions asked by Justice David Majanja became an internet sensation.
Aming the responses she gave are when he stated that he would be fine if he was not appointed Chief Justice and that he was only out to serve the country.

“I will not do anything to get this job. It is not a job that I need to have. It is just that I want to offer my services to the public,” he told the panel.

  1. Exchange with DCJ Philomena Mwilu

Kenyans online noted that there appeared to be underlying tension between Murgor and Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu.

Murgor had unsuccesfully tried to have Mwilu barred from being part of the interview panel claiming bias, a request which was denied by the JSC.

The DCJ was very thorough and at some point got what many believed was a rude response from Murgor.
“Madam, I will answer your question in the way I see fit,” he replied when DCJ Philomena Mwilu asked him to clarify on an answer.

Murgor also raised eyebrows when he pointed out that he was unsure if the DCJ was asking the right questions.
“I do not get the question. I am not even sure that you are with the question yourself,” Murgor stated at which point Mwilu responded,” I am with the question because I am the one who structured the question.”

2. Questioning from Judge Warsame

Murgor also had some exchange with Justice Warsame when he was asked how he would react if Parliament impeached him.

“How can I tell you how I will rule? You might make me the Chief Justice. How can I tell you how I would have ruled in advance?” he responded.

When Judge Warsame referred to Murgor as a criminal lawyer to which he corrected ” l practice criminal law. I am not a criminal lawyer.”

Philip Murgor

3. Judge David Majanja’s Alliance remarks

Judge David Majanja focused on a case Murgor prosecuted back in 1990 in which suspects to have been tortured.
“A man is his history and we shall judge you accordingly. Thank you,” Judge Majanja stated.

  1. Addressing Nelson Havi’s Complaint

Murgor also addressed a complaint by LSK president Nelson Havi which he stated had no merits.

“This complaint is from Nelson Havi, he has no information nor understanding of what happened. All that he was trying to do was to try and embarrass me,” he stated.

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