DP Ruto announces when mass exodus from Jubilee to UDA will happen, reveals embarrassing details on Uhuru’s confidant

DP Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto has for the first time publicly admitted his association with UDA, announcing when his Tanga Tanga troops are expected severe ties with Jubilee and cross over to UDA.

In an interview on Citizen TV, Ruto confirmed that he has an alternative plan should Jubilee disintegrate as a result of impunity, noting that UDA is a sister party which could be their next political home.

“I have tried all I could to see if we could work all this out in Jubilee…Unfortunately, those who call the shots…the Murathes’ of this world and all the other characters there are hardly sober. They appear on national television drunk…That is the level of impunity,” Ruto lamented.

“It becomes necessary for a leader to think. I still hope that something will happen and we can salvage Jubilee… If it does not work out; we have to have a plan B. For us, we have a sister party, UDA. There is a coalition agreement between Jubilee and UDA…it is the next best option. UDA will become an option if Jubilee continues with the expulsion spree going on,” Ruto added.

William Ruto
William Ruto

Delving in the mess in Jubilee, the second in command noted that outsiders have hijacked the party in a reign of chaos to a point where he has been rendered persona non grata with the party failing to have a PG meeting.

“I am elected deputy party leader of Jubilee…I have invested time, energy, emotion in building Jubilee…People who have no clue why we assembled the party have taken it hostage and dismembered it…They say I am persona non grata. Really?” he posed.

“We have never had a PG meeting…The only meeting that takes place is where members are lectured and expelled…When a party acquires tendencies of fighting with its membership, it is headed in the wrong direction.”

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