Latest Jobs in Kenya: Third-Party Monitoring Consultant in Eastleigh, Nairobi-DRC

Danish Refugee Council’s Diaspora Programme facilitates, supports, and enhances the role of diasporas as effective agents of humanitarian assistance, recovery and development. Diaspora Project Support (DiPS) is a Danida-funded project under DRC’s Diaspora Programme providing financial and technical support to diaspora-led projects implemented in Somalia, Afghanistan and neighbouring countries hosting significant Somali communities such as Kenya and Ethiopia.

All DiPS supported projects and activities, regardless of duration and amount of funding, must be monitored by DiPS field officers frequently. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the associated travel measures enacted by the governments, DRC DiPS Somalia staff can’t travel to one of the locations of the DiPS supported projects to conduct the planned monitoring activities. Therefore, DRC is seeking the services of a Nairobi-based third-party monitoring consultant (local individual consultant) for the monitoring of a DiPS supported project in Eastleigh, Nairobi Kenya. The Diaspora-led project in Eastleigh estate was aimed at raising awareness on vacation marriage and mobilizing the local community in the fight against this social problem. Project key activities have been implemented by the implementing partners between May 2020 and February 2021.

Under the overall supervision of the DiPS Field Officer, the individual consultant will review and verify that DiPS supported activities are being implemented in line with the project documents. The consultant will meet with the partners and other key stakeholders (in-person or remotely) and visit the project site to verify the progress of the project and assess the impact.

The scope of work for the individual consultant will include the following key activities:

Review of project documents, Review DiPS monitoring tool and develop additional monitoring or data collection tools if deemed necessary, Conduct field visits to project sites and interview local partner staff, direct beneficiaries, relevant community members and local authorities to gather additional qualitative information on outputs and outcomes and produce a report summarizing findings and recommendations using the DiPS monitoring template.

How to apply

To download the full tender package please click on the following link.

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