DP Ruto gifted high-end SUV by wealthy US-based politician

DP Ruto gifted high-end SUV by wealthy US-based politician

Wealthy US-based politician, Ombari Monari, popularly known as Cosmo Choy has offered a Chevrolet SUV to Deputy President William Ruto.

The businessman who resides in North Carolina owns a fleet of cars and trucks took to social media to gift DP Ruto with the high-end vehicle manufactured in the Ubited States.

Choy who is a leader of the Abagusii community in the US divulged that the car will be part of DP Ruto’s motorcade in the 2022 campaigns.

“I am giving Samoei Ruto a campaign vehicle for free. I, Cosmo Choy, approve this message,” Monari posted on his social media pages.

Cosmo Choy

The offer caused a storm on social media with many advising him to chanel his donations yto a worthy course instead of chanelling the same to a man of able means whose allies have been sentenced to prison for corruption while many others still have pending court cases related to corruption.

Others opined that Choy was simply aligning himself for possible favours such as business deals and nominations should DP Ruto win.

Some dismissed him as an outright attention seeker with nothing new to offer other than hanging on Ruto’s coat for cheap publicity.

The businessman has been warming up to DP Ruto camp and recently declared interest in unseating Babu Owino as the Embakasi East MP.

“Uhuru Kenyatta has 15 months to go home! No power extensions! No BBI! Kenyan people come first before power. Why should he change the constitution and also brag of being the President,” Monari castigated Uhuru on April 7.

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