Ken Walibora’s family issues a special plea over his secret wealth

Ken Walibora

The family of the late NTV journalist and prolific Swahili author, Ken Walibora has issued a special plea to the government over his secret wealth.

Speaking during a memorial service for the journalist who passed on last year, the family noted that Walibora may have left behind undisclosed wealth which has not been traced since he passed away on Friday, April 10, 2020.

Walibora’s brother, Patrick Wafula appealed to relevant government agencies to assist the family trace his property, estates and royalties which may be out there to help the family left behind by the journalist whose life was cut short in after being stabbed and hit in what was reported a s a road accident.

Wafula stated that the deceased was a secretive man who rarely spoke of his fortunes and investments hence they believe a lot more could be out there.

The family opined that Walibora may have left behind finances that may lie idle or may benefit unscrupulous individuals if not traced.

File image of the burial of Ken Walibora

On relationship with Walibora’s wife and children who did not attend his burial due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, Wafula stated that they are in touch.

“We always communicate with each other,” Mr Wafula said.

Walibora died on 10 April 2020 with an autopsy revealing that renowned author and respected journalist was stabbed before he was hit by a matatu in Nairobi.

He was then rushed by a good samaritan to Kenyatta National Hospital where he is said to have spent 18 hours at the emergency unit, writhing in pain, before he succumbed. An autopsy shows he died of internal bleeding from the stab wound and other injuries as a result of the accident.

Walibora, the Swahili scholar who has over 40 titles to his name, was a teacher in Kenya, a lecturer in the US, worked as a probation officer at the Ministry of Home Affairs and as an anchor at KBC and NTV.

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