Keroche heiress Arnelisa Muigai shames men sliding into her DM with marriage proposals amid reports of divorce with Ben Pol


Keroche heiress, Anerlisa Muigai shamed men who have been flooding to her inbox professing love amid reports of her marriage to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol being on the rocks.

Taking to social media to call out the men in her DMs who are trying to get with her Anerlisa claimed that the reason most relationships fail is because people are always ready to take over somebody else’s position like is the present case where many want to take over Ben Pol’s position.

Ms. Muigai maintained that it is verys ‘disgusting’ to see people offer marriage proposals in her DM yet they do not know her personally.

Anerlisa had some four words for them: “I AM NOT FREE!!!”

“The amount of people always ready to take over somebody else’s position is the reason why most relationships fail. If you go through my DM, you would think I had a contest for looking for a partner. It’s really disgusting to also see people offering to marry me yet you don’t even know me personally. Reality is I am not looking for anybody and I AM NOT FREE!!!,” read part of Anerlisa’s post.


Additionally, Anerlisa cautioned the men in her DMs to stop looking for independent women to take care of them.

“Women too get tired of taking care of you!!! If you know, you know.”

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