Tahidi High’s OJ Joins Politics, Confirms He will be on the ballot in 2022 via DP Ruto’s UDA Party

Tahidi High's OJ Joins Politics, Confirms He will be on the ballot in 2022 via DP Ruto's UDA Party

Former Tahidi High actor Dennis Mugo popularly known as OJ has announced his entry into politics, declaring that he will be on the ballot in 2022 running on DP Ruto’s UDA party.

Mugo stated that he will be contesting for the Ruguru Ngandori Ward in Embu on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

The actor divulged that it has taken him time to arrive at the decision and exuded confidence that he will emerge victorious.

“I have always had been thinking about joining politics and it is for time to step up and make a change for my people.

“My main focus is the youth, the issues that affect them and their empowerment,” said Mugo on 17 April 2021.


Drawing from his own battle with alcoholism, Mugo said that he would make mental health a priority, adding that depression among young people was an issue that needed to be addressed as it has reached alarming levels.

“We have to come up with practical solutions for people who have no means to make ends meet,” said Mugo.

He stated that he settled on UDA party as he shares the same vision with the party and their agenda for Kenyans are aligned, adding that stating that Deputy President William Ruto was an inspiration to the youth.

“The hustler narrative, which is about the uplifting of the common mwananchi is why I joined the party. The empowerment of youth is what I want to accomplish.

“Being old does not make someone mature… People say I am too young to run for the seat but they should look at that as an advantage because I am younger, better and fresher,” he maintained.

The thespian styated that young people would benefit from his leadership that will see cyber centres established to access information and get skills that would enable them to be competitive in the rapidly-evolving world.

He took issues with the current MCA Michael Kariuki Munyi who he hopes to unseat, stating that he did not prioritize health needs of the people despite being the chair of the county health committee.

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