The truth behind hilarious video of Kalonzo acting alongside Crazy Kennar

The truth behind hilarious video of Kalonzo acting alongside Crazy Kennar

Kenyans were treated to a rare side of Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka trying out his hand at acting alongside talented comedian Crazy Kenaar.

The Wiper party leader featured in a satirical video titled Ukipanga Form na Chopi (When you make plans with the smart kid in school) in which Kalonzo demonstrates his acting prowess.

Edwin Omondi, Crazy Kennar’s manager shed some light on how the former Vice President landed the acting role alongside the talented comedian.

“Kalonzo’s team reached out to us. They told us that the party leader wanted to meet and discuss various issues regarding the creative industry,” Omondi said.

During the meeting, Kalonzo explored how best to improve the film industry, the vchallenges faced by creatives, content creation, and formulation of policies that can impact the youth.

It is at the end of the meeting that the Comedian dared Kalonzo to walk in their shoes by taking up a role, something which the Wiper party leader accepted and eexecuted with ease.

In the video, Kennar stumbles upon Kalonzo outside the classroom where they plot on the best excuses to give to the teacher for not completing and submiting their assignments.

Kalonzo plays along, pretending to be on the same boat as Crazy Kenaar but backs out at the last minute, a script well choreographed to present the Wiper party leader’s perceived love for sitting on the fence or backing out of deals at the last minute.

“Today I got an opportunity to do a video with His Excellency Kalonzo Musyoka and it was a very humbling opportunity as we interacted,” stated Kennar.

The truth behind hilarious video of Kalonzo acting alongside Crazy Kennar

On his part, Kalonzo appreciated the role played by creatives who have had to think outside the box in the middle of a pandemic.

“I have always loved local content from the days of Vitimbi, Redykyulass, Real Househelps of Kawangware. I believe artists represent society by showing our humorous side of life. During this lockdown, just like all industries, they have been affected yet they continue to bring joy…

“It was a pleasure meeting some content creators and listening on how we can improve the creative industry as a youth empowerment opportunity. Thank you to all the artists out there who enable us to laugh and to those starting out, your big break is coming, just keep at it,” Kalonzo stated.

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