“Wapelekee talent sio ugonjwa!” Jalang’o’s appeal to those in the entertainment industry


Renowned Kenyan comedianand media personality Felix Odiwuor popularly known as Jalango has appealled to those in the creative industry to leave Nairobi for greener pastures elsewhere at a time when depression and alcoholism continues to wreak havoc with many trapped.

The veteran emcee and media personality urged creatives to expand their scope beyond Nairobi and look for gigs outside the city especially with the rising number of cases of struggling creatives due to effects of the Covid-19 pandemic that have made headlines.

Jalas maintained that even established artists and more so deejays are feeling the effects of the government sanctioned curfew and lockdown in Nairobi.

“Dear art industry if you fully depend on art or performance to eat please plan and leave Nairobi now! Go get the jab, apply for the pass and just go! 29th May is far and we are not sure if they will open…just go utakufa hapa Nairobi!! We have places opened and operating in Mombasa , Kisumu , Kisii, Kericho , malindi, wherever…Just plan and go! They need your talent! Book your events out of Nairobi!! Go!! I swear watu wanaumia! Even well established artists and Djs !!,” read part of Jalango’s message.


He maintained that many are under the yoke of depression as they cannot manage enough to fend for themselves.

He gave the example of DJ Crème De La Crème who relocated to Kericho at the height of the pandemic.

He further advised artistes to leave the county and build new audiences elsewhere.

“Watu nyumba zinafungwa, artists are hungry! Depression is checking in!! Go! Team up go get a one bedroom somewhere in Kisumu, book events in Homabay, kisii, migori, siaya..go create a new audience!! Go to Nyeri..book gigs in Karatina, Nanyuki, Meru…Go to Mombasa, mtwapa, malindi, Kilifi…just go!! Njaa itauwaa wasanii kabla Corona!! Go accept the small pay, small gigs and build a new audience!! Eldoret, Kitale, Kakamega, Busia are all opened!! Just go!! when you get there adhere to covid protocols..wapelekee talent sio ugonjwa!!Meanwhile Dj creme alikuwa mjanja kitambo yuko kericho!!,” finished Jalango.

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