Tanga Tanga MPs from Mount Kenya slap DP Ruto with 3 demands after heated night meeting

DP Ruto

Members of Parliament allied to DP Ruto have slapped him with a set of new demands after a night meeting in which they deliberated on their political future.

The meeting that brought together 48 MPs drawn from 11 counties was gheld at Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua’s Karen home.

Participants at the meeting resolved to hit the ground running and wipe out the perceived notion that Mt Kenya region was the President’s backyard, endearing DP Ruto to voters and preparing for any political move that President Uhuru Kenyatta may pull in his succession.

The MPs maintained that DP Ruto should share the plans he has for the region’s economic development, noting that the region is keen on reviving its economy that is anchored in agriculture and commerce.

The leaders claimed that the region’s economic standing had been eroded and brought to its knees in the past five terms.

Other economic demands fronted involved guaranteeing funds for traders, water projects, infrastructure and agricultural growth for the region.

“We want our region to be guaranteed minimum returns under the Ruto presidency. All agricultural sectors are on their knees and we want him to tell us what he will do to resuscitate them,” Gachagua stated.

Rigathi Gachagua

The lawmakers also demanded that top political seats should be handed to politicians from the region in appreciation of their support.

The positions floated include the Deputy President slot, Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister slots – should the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) sail through, and other strategic positions in a DP Ruto-led government.

The Mathira MP opined that once the economic agenda and the sharing of positions is agreed on, they will hit the ground running to market DP Ruto, adding that the DP should publicly agree to the economic plan of reviving the region before 2022, should he want the backing of the MPs.

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