Kenyans plead with government over Citizen TV’s Purity Mwambia following #GunsGalore Exposé

Purity Mwambia

Award-winning Citizen TV investigative journalist, Purity Mwambia has won the support and hearts of Kenyans following her investigative piece dubbed #GunsGalore Exposé with many calling for the government to act and grant her protection.

Kenyans took to Twitter piling pressure on the government following the expose in which she laid bare the rot in the police force in which thugs easily hire guns from police officers for purposes of robberies and even murder.

The subjects, #GunsGalore #SilahaMitaani and Purity Mwambia have been a trending topic on Twitter, with netizens calling for action.

A statement from Citizen TV on the expose reads that “Our year-long investigations have established that rogue elements with the police service have been providing services to criminals by hiring their guns out for purposes of robberies and even murder”.

“Purity Mwambia is a LIVING LEGEND!! Please @citizentvkenya make sure you protect her! She is a national treasure! #GunsGalore”. Qupped Blogger Xtian Dela.

LSK President weighed in on the matter writing: “The Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Co-ordination of National Government and the Inspector General of National Police have a lot of explaining to do. How can the police who we have entrusted with our safety be selling and hiring firearms to criminals? ^POLSK #GunsGalore”.

Purity Mwambia

“So the Administration Police go home with their guns? This is chilling. Watching #GunsGalore on

@citizentvkenya & it’s really sad to learn that the police can hire out guns, uniforms, bullets to criminals for as little as 1000 bob. @PurityMwambia doing a fantastic investigative!” said Ahmed Mohamed.

Reknown activist Boniface Mwangi added that ; “I see @RobertAlai and @ItsMutai attempting to trash @PurityMwambia investigative piece #gunsgalore.

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