MP speaks on when DP Ruto will resign after failed impeachment attempt

DP Ruto with Chris Wamalwa

With political realignments shaping up, Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa has spoken of Deputy President William Ruto’s resignation, stating when the secopnd in command will quit government.

Speaking when he appeared on a breakfast show on Citizen TV, the lawmaker stated that DP Ruto is very likely to resign from the government, a few months to the 2022 General elections.

Wamalwa opined that the DP is only waiting for an appropriate time to resign at a time when the move will give him the most political mileage and win him public sympathy before distancing himself from the failures of the Jubilee administration.

Wamalwa stated that the experience of DP Ruto is not different from that of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his NASA coalition partners are facing in the fallout with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Chris Wamalwa

The Ford Kenya lawmaker noted that resigning now would make th DP vulnerable as he will lose all the benefits that come with his office.

“Whatever is happening between Ruto and Uhuru is so similar to what happens in NASA coalition between Raila and his partners. Looking at the statement of the Deputy President he is likely to resign but not now. At an appropriate time that will give him political capital, political value, where he can gain sympathy and many other things. I know there are many people trying to push him to get out. If he resigns now, he’s going to be very vulnerable. In my thinking he will resign maybe months to election I don’t see him staying in Jubilee to the end of the term,” said Chris Wamalwa.

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