Raila Odinga’s reaction on the rise in Gender-Based Violence in the Country

Raila Odinga

ODM leader Raila Odinga has finally broken his silence speaking on the recent spike on the Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the Country days after a Kiambu man confessed to the detectives of killing his girlfriend.

In his statement released earlier today, Odinga intervened on the recent rise in the relationship related violence that has resulted into loss of many lives.

Terming it unfortunate, Odinga condemned the act of turning physical and brutal on a soul that ought to have been loved and cherished.

 “It is unfortunate that after winning their partner’s heart, instead of going on to cherish and love them, some suddenly turn physical, and at times horrifically end up killing them,” Odinga begun.

The former premier urged to put a stop to it, and urged the partners to bolt out when it becomes unbearable.

“This scourge must come to an end. The abnormality of these murders cannot become the norm. No!” he exclaimed.

This comes after a married Juja-based businessman Evans Karani 38, confessed to have murdered his girlfriend Catherine Nyokabi 24 after their love went sour.

New details emerge on the mizzarre murder of Catherine Nyokabi as detectives arrest his married lover
New details emerge on the mizzarre murder of Catherine Nyokabi as detectives arrest his married lover

The unremorseful Karani asked the officers to speed up their ruling so that he could begin his jail term after the confession.

“I’m asking you to make your ruling now so that I can start my jail term early,” he requested.

Evans murdered Nyokabi on Wednesday, April 14, before dumping her body in a thicket, following a misunderstanding between them, over a photo of a new lover.

The two enjoyed some wine in the killers car before he strangled her to death using his belt and mutilated some of her body parts.

Mr Karani then drove to Tola Estate in Witeithie, Juja constituency with intentions of dumping the body, where his car finally got stuck in the mad near Bob Harris area.

Police would then data mine the details of the car from the NTSA from where they began their investigations, and later arresting the victim in Githurai’s Kimbo area.

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