Two Top TV Presenters Break Down During Emotional Interview [VIDEO]

Switch TV Presenter Nana Owiti and Mwikali Mary sobbing during an interview

Kenyans were treated to drama as Switch TV Presenters Mwikali Mary and Nana Owiti broke down in tears during an interview aired on Monday, April 19, 2021.

Mwikali was hosting her colleague Nana as a guest on her show Full Circle With Mwikali to mark April as the Sexual Assault Awareness Month when the interview took an unexpected turn as they shared experiences being in abusive relationships.

Nana recounted her harrowing experience in the hands of an abusive relative who was well known to the family while she was only 9 years old.

as the sad memries streamed back, Nana Owito broke down in tears only for her to be joined by Mwikali, who at the beginning of the interview admitted that the interview would be heartbreaking could also not hold her tears as she listened to the story.

“I told my mom that he was pinching me to make it palatable for her and she joked about it and she asked him why he was pinching me,” the Chat Spot host said.

Why are you not asking me where I’m being pinched? Why are you not raising questions about his behaviour? ” Nana wondered about her mother at the time.

Cases of sexual gender-based violence in Kenya has been on the rise and unlike in the past, have received notable media attention.

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