Mike Sonko’s heartfelt apology to Muslims after unexpected delay

Former Nairobi County Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has sent his sincere apologies to the entire Muslim Community in the Country.

This follows the former County head’s delayed Iftar yearly food donations to the muslim faithful’s needy population during the holy month of Ramadhan.

In his statement, Sonko said that his team was working on ways possible to ensure that the distributions are done in strict compliance with the laid down Ministry of Health protocols on Covid-19 before the distribution exercise kick starts.  

He also reiterated that this year’s plan is to extend the helping hand to the non-Muslim needy families as well, across Nairobi county.

The former governor and his team dubbed the “Sonko rescue team” have in the past years shared out Iftar foodstuff at least two days to the beginning of the holly Ramadhan period.

This is to apologize to all our Muslim brothers and Sisters for this year’s delay in distributing iftar foodstuffs to the needy families unlike previous years where we used to do it at least a day or two before the start of Ramadhan. However, we are putting measures in place to ensure we comply with the Ministry of health’s covid-19 protocols before we start the exercise, which shall also be extended to other non-Muslim needy families in Nairobi County,” said Mike Sonko.

His philanthropy has seen him resonate well with the masses, a key tool in his rise to his recent gubernatorial position from where he was impeached.

The former governor has done among others paying school fees, rent, hospital bills to many not forgetting finding employment opportunities to help the commonfolk earn a living.

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