Mutahi Ngunyi blames DP Ruto for manufacturing Kikuyu anger

Reknown political annalyst Professor Mutahi Ngunyi has weighedvin od Deputy President William Ruto accusing him for the anger of his Kikuyu kin.

Taking on the DP in strings of tweets, Ngunyi said that the anger in Kikuyu people was only being manufactured by the second in command.

He further questioned the bottom-up model of economic development and improvement being preachred by the DP adding that the DP had improved the livelihoods of so many Kenyans.

Ngunyi detailed his arguement stating that during the Moi era, the price per kilo of coffee was fifty cents, which then rose to Kshs 2.50 in the Kibaki administration, and the same kilo now selss at 118 shilings.

“Kikuyu ANGER is MANUFACTURED by Ruto. Under Moi, the price of coffee per Kilo was Ksh 0.5. During Kibaki’s second term, it SHOT to Ksh 2.5 per Kilo. Under Uhuru the farmer is getting Ksh 118 per Kilo or 50 times under Kibaki. Is this BOTTOM-UP economics? #UhurusCoffeeGameChanger,” said Ngunyi.

The polical annalysst has been a sharp critic of the Deputy President’s approach to politics and issues, and has always remained firm about it.

He has always been on the record advising his GEMA people to speak with one voice, a move that has left him labelled a tribalist.

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