Muses Kuria’s opinion on service to God and humanity differing with Kiraitu Murungi’s after surviving Covid-19 backfires

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria earlier today took a jibe at Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi differing with his opinion on resolutions to concentrate more on self and immediate family members after a harrowing Covid-19 experience.

Taking to his Facebook account, Kuria informed informed the Governor that he stayed longer in ICU than himself while advising him to revise his purpose in life and the decisions.

The Tanga Tanga legislator opined that God’s purpose for saving his people from such terrible situations was to serve him more and his people.

He cautioned the County chief against his self-centered life lessons terming him selfish and inward looking to self.

“I have a lot of respect for Governor Kiraitu Murungi since the clamour for multiparty democracy in early 90’s where he was our senior and mentor.

Like myself, he went through a hallowing Covid-19 experience. In fact I stayed longer in ICU/HDU than him. But there is one thing I differ with my senior.

 To him the lesson he learnt is one should focus on himself and family more because life can end anytime. I think if God saves you from such a terrible situation when others are not as lucky and are actually dying, He has a larger purpose for you than yourself or immediate family.

God wants you to serve Him and His people even more. I am disturbed by Governor Kiraitu’s new selfish and inward looking self. No Bwana Governor, God saved us so that we serve the people even more. Murungu Akutharime” Wrote Moses Kuria.

Netizens were quick to poke holes on his views, led by Francis Weru who wrote the below.

“Family is more important than your nonsense hustler narrative” Said Francis  Weru.

“You were healed to work on yourself and family not kenyans, there can always be a new crop of leaders better than you but no one can be best for your family and self. I am more inclined towards kiraitu’s school of thought.” Kiiru joyce

“On this one I differ with Moses Kuria everyone is entitled to their Damascus moment and are free to interprete it their way. Secondly public service has many people willing and able to act as replacements but Madam Priscilla and her children/grandchildren have only one husband/father/grandfather. Kiraitu has done his best for this country and I respect his wish.” Ruth Waweru.

“I beg to differ with you. Governor Kiraitu has seen and learnt how politics is full of deceit and dirtiness and have learnt in times of trouble only the family cares and matter, not the so-called friends and political accomplices. He has decided to sacrifice his remaining days in this life to be with those who love him genuinely and that’s his family. In fact, he has learnt that in politics he can be replaced even before he is interned ( God forbid) but in his family, he will forever treasured and irreplaceable.”Stephen Thiga.

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