New development in Martha Koome’s appointment for CJ as Fred Ngatia dispute results amid rigging claims after calls from very powerful people

Hours after the appointment of Martha Koome to replace David Maraga as the next Chief Justice of the republic of Kenya details have emerged of the power under deals that took place at the JSC.

This is after senior counsel Fred Ngatia came out disputing the outcome of the Commission on lady Justice Martha Koome’s selection as the next chief justice amid claims of rigging.

Speaking after the announcement by the Judicial Service Commission yesterday April 27, 2021, Ngatia claims he was rigged out at the last minute by the overseers of the process.

The senior counsel a ripe candidate for the position claims he was rigged out in the dying minutes after some very powerful people pressured some of the commission members to lower his score.

“Four commissioners from Mt Kenya region reduced my scores yesterday afternoon after they were called by powerful people. Without that intervention, I was far ahead of all the other candidates,” he explained. 

His sentiments were later reiterated by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) president Nelson Havi who questioned their representative’s marks to Ngatia.

While speaking with Citizen TV’s Waihiga Mwaura, during an interview, Havi queried the 42 marks awarded to the distinguished legal luminary by Macharia Njeru.

“As LSK, we are concerned that our representative could award 42 marks to a distinguished legal practitioner who had applied for CJ. If the guy is the top lawyer, how could he be the bottom candidate for CJ?” he posed.

Havi also smelt a rat in the overall decision by the commission which could point out to interference.

“It cannot be that JSC, which appears to be under an arm of the government, will deliver to us a CJ. A commission can never reach a unanimous decision,” he criticised.

This comes amid declined public outcry by the commission to publicise the outcome of the individual candidates.

“Our duty was to select the best candidate and that’s what we have done,” Prof Olive Mugenda who chaired the interviews told the media.

Reports further indicate that Professor Makau Mutua a former candidate in the quest for CJ had already moved to court to compel the commission to make public each candidates’ score in line with the constitutional requirement for transparency. 

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