Moses Kuria’s candid offer to help Raila address cracks in his ODM house backfires

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria yesterday broke his silence offering his free support to ODM leader Raila Odinga in bringing together his allegedly torn ODM house.

Reports indicate that divisions have rocked the party over the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) suggestion on the introduction and dishing out of the 70 new constituencies.

This is after Senators James Orengo, Okong’o Omogeni and MP Otiende  Amollo the alleged ODM Asili members, signed the majority report that declared the proposed new constituencies unconstitutional.

This is contrary to the party’s position on the proposed Constitutional (Amendment) Bill 2020 as the party leader Raila Odinga among its proponent.

“Dear my friend Raila Odinga. It is now clear we have ODM led by Junet, Mbadi and Opiyo Wandayi and ODM Asili led by Orengo, Otiende Amollo and Okong’o Omogeni. If you need help sorting out this mess you have my number,” said Kuria on Wednesday, April 28.

His gesture, however, did not go down so well with the netizens who tackled him recklessly calling for his political seasoning first.

“According to me ODM is not having problems ,What ODM has is Democracy unlike Jubilee party whereby if you have a different opinion the next day be prepared to face the DCI” Paul Ndungu.

“It’s only a political NINCOMPOOP and or a mentally deranged person who can seek help or advice from madman Moses Kuria.Raila is neither of the above!”Mayaka Ang’wenyi.

“You can’t even sort out your own mess in Jubilee but you want to help Raila sort his mess in ODM.atleast he’s not blaming jubilee for his problems like you have been blaming him.” Naftal Mogire

“So Moses  Kuria do you think you can orgamize anything for Raila or advice in anyway politicaly that Mzee is smarter never seen in east africa and that is why kushinda Raila you have to plan with everythin and even those that are thinking that they have been defeating Raila let them know it has never been fair battle and that is how he has been loosing not fair defeat” Otieno Fredrick.

“A man with a single goat is not qualified to advise the one with a herd of cows. Feed your puppy first Hon Moses Kuria, once and if it becomes a dog you will earn the right to advise Baba!” Collince Wanderi replied.

“You are reminding me that you were once a member of jubilee asili. Where did it go? You want to kill ODM asili the same way you killed your own party jubilee asili” Luvai Gil Opined.

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