Emmy Kosgey’s brother jailed for 5 years after carelessly causing another death

 Veteran gospel artists Emmy Kosgey’s brother Meshack Kipkoech to spend five years behind the bars after yesterday’s sentencing.

This is after the courts found Kipkoech guilty of causing the death of a six-year-old, Birion Kinda, in December 25, 2017, in Nakuru, while driving dangerously.

The Taunet nelel hitmaker’s brother was sentenced for running over the minor who was crossing the road. 

Testifying against Kipkoech, the decead’s sister told the court that the driver admitted to having caused the accident and that he helped her rush the young boy to the hospital.

Details further indicate that while rushing the injured minor to the hospital Kipkoech again hit another motorcycle rider who sustained leg injuries.

The minor however died days later after his doctor revealed that he had sustained serious and critical injuries.

Referring to previous records of careless driving by the accused thereby causing accidents, the judge made his ruling settencing Emmy’s sibling.

He took the accused down the memory lane when in 2008 he had ran over a police officer on duty in

Baringo County killing him on the highway.

He was then pardoned by the court lifting his jail sentence after he compensated the family of the deceased the sum Kshs 954, 000 ordered by the court.

He was ordered to raise the amount within 10 days or risk being taken to jail.

“Consequently, and noting that the accused had previous records of causing death by dangerous driving, I sentence the accused to five years imprisonment. 

“In addition, and pursuant to Section 76(1) (a) of the Traffic Act part VIII, I cancel his driving licence and declare him disqualified from obtaining another one for a period of 10 years,” the judge ruled on Thursday, April 29.

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