Fresh details in the missing Kitengela friends as family disowns one of the bodies yet again

From left to right: Elijah Obuong, Brian Oduor, Benjamin Imbai and Jack Ochieng

The family of Jack Ochieng one of the missing friends from Kitengela has spoken disowning the body that was earlier believed to be that of their kin.

Speaking to Kenya Leo Cliff Ochieng a brother to Jack said that the body of a man earlier thought to be jack’s that picked in Murang’a Kilometres away from Obuong’s was actually not his.

“We came to Murang’a to identify him but the body that we saw is not my brother’s. The body is still fresh and I can say for a fact that he is not my brother.

“His ear is not the same, his teeth, hairstyle are different and the clothes he was wearing are not his,” Ochieng told this writer.

Cliff noted that his brother was in the tours and travel business a job he held until last year when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the Country and rendered him jobless finally.

“When he stopped working, he engaged in a number of businesses including car hires where he was well connected. He would take vehicles from firms and hire them out especially because he had a wide network,” he added.

He added that his brother was an easy person who was always in the company of friends, adding that they were surprised at the new criminal involvement the family has never heard about.

Cliff however said that he had never met the three friends Jack was with when they mysteriously got lost in Kitengela, and bodies picked elsewhere.

“I have never met any of the other friends that are said to have been in his company when he disappeared,” he concluded.

The four: Ochieng, Benjamin Imbai, Brian Odour and Elijah Obuong, went missing after having lunch at a popular club in Kitengela. They allegedly left in a white Toyota Mark X only to be reported missing a few hours later.

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