DP Ruto Announces Deal With Mt Kenya Leaders After 3-Day Meeting

DP Ruto Announces Deal With Mt Kenya Leaders After 3-Day Meeting

Deputy President William Ruto has announced a deal with Mount Kenya leaders over the upcoming 2022 elections following a three-day meeting.

The deal was brokered by 11 leaders from Mt Kenya who teamed up with experts at the event that was attended by a host of Tanga Tanga MPs, largely drawn from the vote-rich Mount Kenya region.

In a statement he released on Sunday, May 2, the DP Ruto stated that the team settled on a progressive agenda of a non-ethnic, non-regional and non-divisive political foundation laid by the Jubilee government.

He reiterated his commitment to address the economic plight of thousands of hustlers through the “bottom-up” approach.

The statement reads in part that “The most important conversation is on the empowerment of small businesses, increasing farmers’ earnings and creating an enabling environment that rewards hard work, nurtures creativity and promotes initiative for all to flourish.

“To ensure that an all-inclusive conversation takes root, we have agreed on a framework of engagement beginning at the grassroots with farmers, entrepreneurs, traders, cooperatives, other producer and business associations encompassing all the key agricultural value chains in particular tea, coffee, dairy, fresh produce, rice and miraa”.

A section of William Ruto-allied leaders from Mt Kenya who attended the three-day meeting with the DP

Ruto also announced that experts in various field would be brought on board to collaborate on a comprehensive development plan that will see every Kenyan develop and thrive under his administration.

“Patriotic Kenyans of all shades – scholars, professionals, subject matter experts, business and community leaders – will be brought on board to facilitate this comprehensive, all-encompassing national engagement,” added the statement.

The meeting kicked off on Friday with DP Ruto focusing his attention on the Mount Kenya region that recently slapped him with several demands including that he chooses a deputy from the region and addresses the economic needs of the region.

“We must engineer a fundamental paradigm shift from the perennial politics of personalities, positions and power to a candid, open and frank engagement with the people on the economy, their aspirations and their future.

“We must acknowledge both the ethnic political model-it is our turn-and its counterpart trickle down economics continue to impede our full political, economic and social development potential,” he added.

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