Kenyan Woman in ugly Tussle over Italian lover’s Ksh 2B Estate

File image of Twiga resort in Watamu, Kilifi County.
A Kenyan woman identified as Caroline Wangui is involved in an ugly tussle over her Italian lover’s estate valued at Ksh 2 billion in Malindi.

Nation reports that Giovanni Forino, who died in January 2019, left an estate valued at Ksh2 billion including property such as Twiga resort in Watamu, real estate, vehicles, and funds in various accounts that are now at the center of the tussle. 

Caroline Wangui holds that she was married to Giovanni Forino prior to his death and the union was blessed with a child who is now aged seven.

Wangui further maintains that before his death, Forino had placed a standing order in his company to remit Ksh35,000 a month to her to provide for their child.

“I affirm that my deceased husband took up his parental responsibilities of our son seriously. He had placed a standing order in his company (Gio-Fo limited) in favour of our son to the tune of Ksh35,231 a month,” she stated.

Wangui stated that although the standing order provided her with Ksh 35231, she currently needs at least Ksh200,000 a month for her expenses, her son’s welfare, healthcare and education.

The case has seen Forino’s family demand for a DNA, claiming that the child in question was sired by another man and not the deceased tycoon hence does not merit benefitting from his estate.

Through their lawyer Jackeline Kimeto, they claim that the birth certificates presented by Wangui were forged and the family now wants DNA test conducted.


Kimeto affirmed to Nation that the family has applied to have a DNA test conducted on Wangui’s son to determine if he’s the real son of the tycoon before the case can proceed.

Cases of Kenyan women fighting for the property of their foreign lovers or even outrightly swindling them abound at the Coast.

In March this year, 82-year-old Wolfgang Theodor Fischer, a German national living in Diani, Kwale County who shot himself in the head after writing a suicide note to Diani Police Station OCS, claiming that his Kenyan wife and relatives had swindled him of multi-million property.

“He was depressed after losing money and land to people he claimed he was familiar with. I tried comforting and supporting him but all was in vain,” said a friend familiar with the tribulations of the deceased.

Last month, another elderly German man Reiner Kreplin escaped to Tanzania fearing for his life after his Kenyan fiancé allegedly stole Ksh. 5.4 Million from his private villa at Harbor Key Cottages in Malindi.

Kreplin pointed an accusing finger at his 24-year-old fiancé Mercy Adhiambo who he accused of hiring anonymous people believed to be hitmen to track his movements which forced him to seek refuge in the neighbouring Tanzania.

“I am currently out of Kenya for my safety because of the threats I was receiving from anonymous people who were always following me,” Kreplin stated.

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