Tips to manage vaginal farts (queefing) during sex

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The farting sound made by the vagina during sex (queefing) could be an unsettling experience for some.

It happens when air that had initially entered the vagine escapes out as a result of pressure exerted by the back-and-forth movement of the penis during sex.

Ladies, have you ever had vaginal farts(kunyamba) during sex? Men, does vaginal farts turn you off?

Vagina farts or queefing is very normal. Most of the time, there’s not much you can do to prevent vaginal gas.

Still, there are certain techniques that may help you figure out how to avoid queefing during sex.

When you are engaged in sexual activity, try keeping the finger, sex toy, or penis inside your vagina with less in-and-out movement. This keeps air from getting into the vagina as easily. You can try keeping it inside while changing sexual positions as well, since this is an opportune time for air to enter the vaginal canal. Using the right amount of lube may also do the trick. #Makinglove

The content above is adopted from Love Matters Kenya

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