Blogger Xtian Dela lights up social media after announcing his entry into politics, eyeing Wetlands MP

Xtian Dela

Popular Blogger Xtian Dela has announced that he will be on the ballot in 2022 elections, running for the Westlands Constituency parliamentary seat.

Taking to social media, the blogger stated that the youth in Kenya have had enough of ‘old and useless’ politicians and vowed to ‘show the power of social media’ and the impact the youth in Kenya can have.

He stated that the voices of the youth must and will be heard loud and clear in the 2022 elections.

“Let’s show them the POWER of Social Media and the power of the YOUTH in Kenya who are TIRED of OLD and USELESS politicians!!!! I BELIEVE WE WILL WIN!!! OUR VOICES MUST BE HEARD!!!!”

According to Dela, his main agenda will be to create jobs and ‘safe spaces’ to inspire the youth’s creativity.

“I haven’t started on my Manifesto but one of the main things I MUST do in Westlands is create JOBS and SAFE spaces for young people to be creative and make money!”

The announcement was met by mixed reactions as Kenyans reminded him that fame on social media does not necessarily translate into votes.

Xtian Dela
Xtian Dela

“Chill bro. The power of social media failed @bonifacemwangi when he last vied. The electorate are never online. Ongea na watu wa nduthi.” Stated @MunyasaDennis.

@mureithikiarie wrote: It can be done the only thing you need to know is that westlands just like langata constituency the elections are not won at sarit center or galleria Hit the slums you will be fine.

@edga_omondi added: Look at the youths we already have in the house and tell if there is something about them to be proud of.

“Unfortunately sioni ukitoboa..what have you done so far/intend to do from today for the Westlands people?” @MuthunguWangari added.

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