Inside the lavish lifestyle of the missing Kitengela 4 as more details emerge on their alleged criminal records

From left to right: Elijah Obuong, Brian Oduor, Benjamin Imbai and Jack Ochieng

As investigators work round the clock to resolve the diasappearance of the 4 Kitengela friends, details continue to emerge on their alleged criminal record and lavish lifetyle.

Police records show that a number of them had a series of run-ins with the law and had ongoing court cases.
The young men lived a life of affluence allegedly financed by their criminal activities with details of meaningful employment or business remaining as scarce as their wherebouts.

Police records indicate that Brian Oduor alias Champe alongside Benjamin Imbai had pending cases before Mavoko and Kibera Law Courts.

Reports further indicate that a rogue police officer has been linked to the kidnap of the four friends with at least two so far confirmed dead.

The rogue police officer, reportedly aided the Kitengela quartet in their criminal activities which they are reported to have carried out as part of a bigger gang.

Take Benjamin Amache Imbai for instance. The missing man who is reported to be 30 is said to have had a weakness for the flashy and finer things of the world.

He is also said to have been the party animal of the group. Reportedly, he could go for hours on end making merry and having the time of his life.

Elijah Obuong 35, is also said to have had a particular liking for the luxurious and fancy things. Whenever he was pressed to explain how he managed to bankroll his lifestyle, he said he had wealthy relatives abroad.

Obuong is a father of one and lives in Kayole area. His mother Caroline said she spoke to him last Sunday but on Tuesday she received a message on social media that he could be in danger and that prompted her to report to police.

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