“I am tired of always having to wear a Buibui to avoid arrest in this area” Moses Kuria laments, revealing area that the government has banned him from visiting

File image of Moses Kuria when he was arrested last month

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has claimed that the government has made life so difficult for him by banning him from visiting any part of Juja.

Kuria alleged that so dire is the situation that he has to wear a buibui every time he is in Juja to avoid arrest.

“The government has banned me from being in any part of Juja even if its to pee. I am tired of always having to wear a Buibui every time I am in Juja to avoid arrest” Kuria lamented.

Kuria was at one point a loyal defender of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration before he opted to align himself with DP Ruto’s Tanga Tanga brigade and became a fierce critic of The Jubilee government.

Afterwards, he also registered his party, the People’s Empowerment Party (PEP) that has continued to give Jubilee party a hard time in all by-elections conducted in Mount Kenya and Rift Valley.

In Juja where a by-election is scheduled for 18 May, PEP candidate Koimburi is the man to watch with the Tanga Tanga brigade aggressively campaigning for him in a bid to hand Jubilee a humiliating defeat in what is believed to be one of its (Jubilee) strongholds.

Despite being a young party, PEP is already a popular party judging by its victories in the recent past.

Moses Kuria with George Koimburi

Bernard Kariuki of PEP nearly floored Jubilee Party’s Kevin Ochieng in Kahawa Wendani MCA by election with the race ending with 641 votes against 823 in favour of Jubilee.

PEP’s Esther Mwhihaki emerged victorious in Gatwiri in Murang’a with 3974, beating Jubilee’s Rosemary Waguthie who got 3432 votes in what remains a painful loss to Jubilee.

Kuria has maintained that a similar feat will be achieved in Juja and has alleged underhand dealings and frustration of his candidate.

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