Mutahi Ngunyi attacks David Ndii with embarrassing remarks over his decision to work for DP Ruto

Mutahi Ngunyi

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has weighed in on the decision made by renown economist David Ndii to join DP Ruto’s 2022 campaign team with embarrassing remarks.

Prof Mutahi Ngunyi opined that David Ndii has become an “intellectual prostitute” for hire, going to the highest bidder.

Tking to Twitter, Mutahi Ngunyi noted that Ndii has a history of working with losers; suggesting that Ruto may end up on the losing side if he works with the economist.

“It is not a tragedy that a Kikuyu psycho like David Ndii has now become an intellectual prostitute. The tragedy is this: he has always advised the team that loses. Asking a liberal economist to write a Marxist strategy is like asking a dentist to do heart surgery. Total guesswork,” he tweeted.

His remarks come on a day that saw David Ndii shed some light on the decision that has seen his past comments come back to haunt him.

David Ndii reveals hidden details on why he accepted DP Ruto's lucrative offer
David Ndii reveals hidden details on why he accepted DP Ruto’s lucrative offer

“We have common grounds and the first is we have to defend our Constitution. The second common ground is that we must have a free and fair election come 2022.

“We have a very serious problem in this country and indeed it is a fundamental political problem, and that is electoral failure. And on those things, it does not matter what someone’s history is,” the economist stated.

Ndii and Ruto over the weekend held a 3-day meeting with Mt Kenya leaders to deliberate on an economic plan for the country.

After the meeting, reports emerged that Ndii made a presentation on the merits of the economic model the DP is proposing; meaning he’ll be an integral part of the DP’s team going forward.

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