My Friends Deserted Me After I Lost My Job at Homeboyz -Shaffie Weru Opens up on His Tribulations

Shaffie Weru

Radio presenter Shaffie Weru has opened up on his tribulations, disclosing that most of his friends deserted him when he was fired from Homeboyz radio in March.

Radio Africa Group management fired Weru alongside his two co-hosts after comments they made during their morning show were found to be ‘an egregious breach of the company’s editorial policies.

“Actually, majority of the people who I expected to stand by me or have my back walked away and I’m not even judging.

“Some of them are people who used to handle my businesses, others I used to hang with on a daily when I was ‘The Reverend’. I am not a foreseer to know that something like this would have happened,” Weru stated.

He added that time would separate wheat from chaff, vowing that he will not give 18 years of his life to any other company as he did while at Radio Africa Group.

Shaffie Weru, Dj Joe Mfalme (seated) and Neville Musya

“If am going to do that, I will do it for me because it’s about taking care for me,” he added.

Things fell apart for Weru in March after he and his co-hosts were accused of shaming a sexual violence survivor who narrated how her boyfriend threw her off the 12th floor of a building when she refused to spend the night at his place.

Their sentiments attracted a public outcry that saw advertizers pull out led by EABL and eventually cost them their job.

bounced back a few weeks later after landing a deal at Roya Group of companies joining as the company as the Head of Entertainment.

“This is my new hustle and here we do many things… it does a lot of investments that does a lot of investments and realtor business…

“This is my new hustle. This time round I am coming out,” stated Shaffie as shared in the video below, courtesy of Switch TV.

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