Otiende Amollo speaks amid reports of threatening message to his party leader Raila Odinga and subsequent ouster from JLAC

Rarieda Member of Parliament Otienda Amollo has broken his silence speaking after leaked information of his threatening message to his party leader Raila Odinga that led to his ouster from the JLAC deputy chairman position.

Speaking toady with Citizen Television during the day break show, Otiende dismissed as damning allegations the news by the ODM chairman John Mbadi of his threatening meassage to Raila resulting into ejection.

The Seasoned lawyer added that they always talk with his party leader on a number of issues in text and wonders why this would attract his dismissal, from the parliamentary committee.  

“I communicate and I communicated with my party leader on many things even yesterday and on Sunday. The day my party leader talks of any specific text is the day I will need to answer but how any third party can begin talking about communication between me and my party leader who is my client I do not understand,” said Amollo.

He added: “There were many SMSs. Infact the last SMS we shared with my party leader we agreed to meet. We are yet to meet because my party leader is still recuperating. So all this speculation that ‘I was texted, that I was called for a meeting and refused is all nonsense.”

This is after the ODM chairman John Mbadi went on the record saying that Otiende was kicked out of his lucrative JLAC Vice Chair position because of his threatening message to Mr. Odinga.

He further challenged the Gwassi lawmaker to lay public the message.

“And certainly if it (text message) was the issue then it would have been the issue when John Mbadi moved the motion,” he said.

The legislator accussed a section of the party members for deviating from their agenda for own selfish gains.

“On our side there are also people who are now focused only on the BBI and handshake and benefits they get in these circumstances of cooperation and have lost sight of our goal in terms of Raila Odinga becoming president,” he said.

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